The Battle of Belmont: Aftermath

3a07065rFor both sides the Battle of Belmont was a serious affair. Little Egypt’s men were well aware that they were attacking members of their own community, and had seen the reality of warfare. For the men of the 31st Illinois they had shot at a few men from their communities, and more importantly men in Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee where many of the 31st Illinois boys were born and still frequently conducted business with on the rivers. For Logan specifically he had shot as his brother-in-law, whom he was in close contact with before the war; and moreover, attacked a Company of men who expected him to be their leader. For the men of Company G, in the 15th Tennessee, they became aware that almost all the men in their home state were now the enemy. Men who lived in their community, and represented their district in Congress were now the enemy, and any southern sympathies they may have shared before the war were gone.