Hibert A. “Hibe” Cunningham

Hibe Cunningham

Hibert A. Cunningham. See works cited page. (Ed. Gleeson p.7)

Hibert A. Cunningham was a farmer from Virginia who lived in Marion, Williamson County, Illinois. Hibe was brother-in-law to John A. Logan, and is noted for claiming that John Logan would join the Confederacy then later denying it years after the war. During the war Cunningham was in a unique position of serving as a captain in both the Union and Confederate forces. On June 5th, 1861, Hibert Cunningham enlisted along with 34 other Little Egyptian residents in the Confederate army, as Company G of the 15th Tennessee, nicknamed the Southern Illinois Company. After serving for 2 years, Hibe deserted the Confederate army, and in 1863 was put on John Logan’s staff in the Union army. Hibert Cunningham is a key figure in the Logan mystery, and projects the southern pride that was present in some of Little Egypt’s residents. (Ed Gleeson p. 93)