About Me

Welcome to Little Egypt in the Civil War! The goal of this website is to offer information on the role Southern Illinois played in the Civil War, with a focus on the politics and rebellion that occurred in the cultural region known as Little Egypt. Specific information on political controversy surrounding prominent politician John A. Logan, and Williamson County are core issues of my research and can be found under ┬áthe “‘Rebellion’ in Little Egypt” tab. Content on battles and regiments significant to Southern Illinois can be found in the “Little Egypt in the Civil War” tab. A good starting place for background information on Southern Illinois, and a more in depth explanation of the project can be found in the “Little Egypt in the 19th Century” tab.

About me:

My name is Sam Seneczko, author of Little Egypt in the Civil War. I am currently an undergraduate student at Michigan State University pursuing a Bachelor’s in History. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the American Civil War. From 5th grade book reports on Robert E. Lee, to college papers on Gettysburg I have always taken every academic opportunity to explore the military and politic conflict of the Civil War. Going into my senior year I decided to continue to pursue my scholastic passion, and dedicate my HST 480 senior seminar project towards exploring the Civil War from the perspective of my home-state, Illinois. The wordpress site I have created is an senior project, and was created at Michigan State University’s innovative LEADR lab: where cutting-edge technology and digital humanities based research is provided to undergraduate students. A special thanks goes out to the faculty at the MSU LEADR lab who helped to guide my research, and educate me on the methods of digitizing my web-based project.

To contact me with any comments or concerns, send an email to leadr@msu.edu